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To find .NET Framework versions by viewing the registry (.NET Framework 4.5 and later) On the Start menu, choose Run. In the Open box, enter regedit.exe. You must have administrative credentials to run regedit.exe. In the Registry Editor, open the following subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full 6 Ways to Check What Version of Microsoft .NET Framework 6. Checking Manually. There are a few manual ways of checking which versions of Microsoft .NET Framework are installed. One of them is through “Programs and features” or “Add and Remove Programs” in Control Panel. This is a very basic way to check but could also be wrong because the uninstall entries that are displayed can be easily be removed from the registry or left over from a How to manually remove and then reinstall the.NET

Since there are many versions of the .NET Framework (from 1.0 up to 4.8) and more than one are often present on the same system to run different applications, sometimes even you as a user might not even be sure which .NET is installed on your computer. Here are a few ways you can find out. 1. Raymondcc .NET Detector

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Jan 17, 2014 Where can I find the .NET compact framework v3.5 for the The .NET compact framework v3.5 for the CN3 handheld computer can be downloaded from here. CAB file installation instructions: Connect the CN3 to the computer and copy the cab file to the device directory '\cabfiles' Warm boot the computer and the '' will be … Microsoft .NET Framework - How to uninstall Microsoft .NET How can I remove Microsoft .NET Framework. Please be aware that regular removal step may not be able to remove all the Microsoft .NET Framework programs components, some of the registry entries will still exist inside the computer after the regular removal.