Jul 17, 2020 · Georgia Mayor 'Disappointed' By Governor's Order Blocking Mask Mandates : Coronavirus Live Updates Mayor Jim Thornton says he would issue a mandatory mask order for his city of LaGrange were it

Definition of blocking in the Idioms Dictionary. blocking phrase. What does blocking expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Blocking - Idioms Blocking. A socket can be in "blocking mode" or "nonblocking mode." The functions of sockets in blocking (or synchronous) mode do not return until they can complete their action. This is called blocking because the socket whose function was called cannot do anything — is blocked — until the call returns. Blocking knitted projects is a process that most knitters have heard about, but many knitters don't do. It's an essential last step in knitting especially if the item you've created just doesn't come out exactly the way you want or the way it needs to look. Jul 24, 2020 · A conservative women’s group sued Mayor de Blasio and the city Department of Transportation for allowing a Black Lives Matter mural to be painted in front of Trump Tower — but blocking them f…

blocking: 1 n the act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements Synonyms: block Types: interference (American football) blocking a player's path with your body trap block (American football) an illegal block parry (fencing) blocking a lunge or deflecting it with a circular motion of the sword Type of: obstruction getting in someone's way

Block definition is - a compact usually solid piece of substantial material especially when worked or altered to serve a particular purpose : such as. How to use block in a sentence. Note: Blocking messages from someone is different from blocking them on Facebook. If you block messages from someone, but you don't block them on Facebook, you'll still be able to see their Facebook profile. Depending on their privacy settings, you may also be able to see things like their status updates, comments, likes and tags on Facebook. Install a call blocking-device. If your home phone is a traditional landline that doesn’t use the internet (VoIP), you can buy and install a call-blocking device. Call-blocking devices are typically small boxes you attach to your phone. Some devices use blacklist databases of known scam numbers but let you add numbers you want blocked. 19 synonyms and near synonyms of blocking from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 12 antonyms and near antonyms. Find another word for blocking.

Blocking \Block"ing\, n. 1. The act of obstructing, supporting, shaping, or stamping with a block or blocks. [1913 Webster] 2. Blocks used to support (a building, etc.) temporarily. [1913 Webster] 來源(7): WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn] blocking n 1: the act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements [syn: , ]

RFID BLOCKING – Breathe easy because your cards will be surrounded by the metal body of this wallet protecting them from even the most powerful RFID Chip Readers. FUNCTIONAL & SLIM – Holds 1-12 cards without stretching out. The slim wallet is ideal for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, bills etc. However, sometimes weather systems can get stuck in place for an extended period of time. This is known as “blocking”, explains Prof Tim Woollings, associate professor of physical climate science at the University of Oxford, Oxford joint chair of the Met Office Academic Partnership, and author of a book on the jet stream. Message Blocking lets you block unwanted messages to and from your phone. Manage Message Blocking. A Primary Account Holder can turn Message Blocking on or off on My T-Mobile or through the T-Mobile App. You'll find the Message Blocking options near the bottom of the Blocking page that we link to directly below. Set blocking options