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Address definition is - to mark directions for delivery on. How to use address in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of address. Host to Host Communication – Practical Networking .net Jan 21, 2016 Emily Maitlis: Newsnight host addresses call amid Prince Jul 21, 2020

How many host addresses are available on the 192.168.10

host address definition: The physical address of a computer in a network. On the Internet, a host address is the IP address of the machine. See IP address and hostname. Emily Maitlis: Newsnight host's co-star addresses call to 'pull' Prince Andrew interview EMILY MAITLIS - a presenter on Newsnight - has addressed her interview with Prince Andrew on the BBC

However, two addresses are unavailable for use as host addresses, namely the first and last addresses. The first address of a subnet identifies the subnet and the last indicates the subnet broadcast address, which is used to communicate with all hosts in that subnet, hence the -2 in the formula.

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