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Solved: Ping Sweep on Router - Cisco Community If the goal of the ping sweep is to see all the hosts on a particular subnet then the router arp table is a valuable resource. Ping the broadcast address; then view the arp table. For example if the subnet in question is; then ping from the router. Then execute a 'show arp | inc '. The results should be all mac/IP 15 Linux ping command examples for network diagnostics Sep 04, 2019 How to ping a machine on different subnets - Quora Diffrent subnet means a different network. When you try to ping, the end device will run an AND operation on the destination IP to check weather its on the same network or not, if it is not, you need to have a default gateway to get out of the LAN 12 Best Ping Sweep Tools and Ping Scan Software 2020 (Paid

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May 29, 2017 Can't ping 1 computer on network, all access in Network Jan 05, 2007 Build Your Skills: Automate ping to test a range of IP The Ping Automation Tool is very focused in that its primary use will be to test a range of Class C IP addresses on a small to medium-size network to determine whether the addresses are in use or Ping subnet based on syntax..?