Important: A typical network configuration that provides secure connections for external clients includes a security server. To use Horizon Administrator or to enable or disable the secure tunnel and PCoIP Secure Gateway on a security server, you must edit the Connection Server instance that is paired with the security server.

VMware Horizon 7 "Could not establish tunnel connection Oct 07, 2008 VMware Blast Extreme Display Protocol in Horizon 7 | VMware Feature parity with the VMware PCoIP display protocol. USB redirection, or some combination of these are enabled by the administrator, this traffic goes through the HTTPS Secure Tunnel on the Connection Server. TCP 443 is used between the client and the Connection Server. The traffic uses the native port for each of the remote experience Teradici Knowledge Center

To support PCoIP Proxy through NetScaler Gateway: 1. Under General tab, deselect Use Secure Tunnel connection to machine option under HTTP(S) Secure Tunnel. 6. Click OK to close the Edit Connection Server Settings window. 7.

Horizon View HTTP(S) Secure Tunnel option : vmware

Over in Horizon Administrator > Select each internal connection server and remove ‘Secure Tunnel‘, PCOIP Secure Gateway, and select ‘Do not use Blast Secure Gateway‘ > OK. You can register the UAGs, in the Gateway section, but you wont see anything change until they have been used ‘in anger’.

The PCoIP External URL, secure tunnel External URL, Blast External URL, or another address is configured to point to a different security server or View Connection Server host. When you configure these addresses on a security server or View Connection Server host, all addresses must allow client systems to reach the current host.