Aug 10, 2011 · The London area is reported to have 8,000 surveillance cameras watching the streets, although authorities will not confirm the number. People in the United Kingdom are believed to be the most

Before 1993 there was some use of CCTV, but it was fairy minimal. However London has for centuries been a target for terrorism, and in April 1993 the IRA (Irish Republican Army) detonated a tipper truck in the heart of London’s financial district. A UK map of CCTV cameras: Towns and cities by surveillance May 03, 2018 London is a Model Modern Surveillance State and That's Not Oct 13, 2016 Surveillance Camera Statistics: Which City has the Most Aug 15, 2019

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How Many CCTV Cameras Does London Have in 2019? Clearly, the rise in private deployments makes any attempt to get a straight figure futile. But we can do our best to come up with an estimate for the number of CCTV cameras in London. Reports between early 00s and 2019 put forward somewhat similar numbers: between 11 and 15 people per CCTV camera. Gazing Back at the Surveillance Cameras That Watch Us Aug 13, 2018 How Many Times Are You Caught on Security Camera per Day

Oct 08, 2015 · The number of cameras might seem excessive. But China is hardly alone. Here’s London’s surveillance camera coverage south of the Thames, via The CCTV Map, an online database of London’s cameras:

Aug 15, 2019 · London, England (UK) – 627,727 cameras for 9,304,016 people = 67.47 cameras per 1,000 people Changsha, China – 260,000 cameras for 4,577,723 people = 56.80 cameras per 1,000 people Beijing, China – 1,150,000 cameras for 20,462,610 people = 56.20 cameras per 1,000 people May 03, 2018 · Woking, Swindon and Wigan are the UK towns with the most CCTV cameras – with 691 cameras, Woking has more cameras than the most watched city, Bristol. Lambeth, Kensington and Chelsea are the least watched London Boroughs – Lambeth has just 42 cameras despite having a whopping population of 327,900 – that’s 50,000 more people than in Hackney which was 2,246 CCTV cameras. Apr 25, 2017 · According to the estimation by the Big Brother Watch (BBW), there are approximately 51,000 cameras that are run by the police to help watch citizens in the capital. According to a civil rights group called Liberty, on average a Londoner is captured on camera about 300 times daily. Dec 26, 2010 · The group said the cameras were "a ubiquitous feature on Britain's streets". The number of cameras in Britain has gone up from 21,000 in 1999 to 59,753 in 2010, it added. The Met said among the