Mar 07, 2007 · Click on the Startup tab and you will see the programs that are loaded at each Windows startup. You can choose to disable some of these programs but before you do that please make sure you do not disable any important system components or drivers. You might damage the functionality of the operating system.

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Popular programs like Skype, Spotify, and f.lux will usually be set to startup by default. However, having too many startup programs can make turning on your Windows 10 computer an incredibly slow Sometimes an update will reset the preferences and start launching at startup again. Disabling the programs that automatically run on startup will make your computer run faster and more smoothly. So unless you absolutely need these programs running immediately, try disabling them and see if your boot time doesn’t improve.

Windows programs can be registered to run automatically at startup. In the case of apps you register yourself, you’ll usually see them appear a few seconds after you login.

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