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To access your Azure file share and other Azure resources from on-premises via a Point-to-Site VPN, you must create a virtual network, or VNet. The P2S VPN connection you will automatically create is a bridge between your on-premises Windows machine and this Azure virtual network. [Solved] How to access windows shares via OpenVPN Oct 11, 2016 Best VPNs for P2P File Sharing with Unrestricted Access Jun 27, 2019

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A VPN service does 2 things. First, it encrypts your data in a way that nobody else can read. This means that with a VPN, you can use P2P filesharing to your heart’s content without anyone ever knowing. Even if the government or your ISP do get their hands on some of your data, they’ll be unable to decipher it or link it to P2P filesharing.

Best VPNs for file sharing, such as KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®, offer a variety of servers. When you connect to one of them you get a shared IP address by default. This means there will be hundreds or even thousands of users having the same IP. For the most part, a shared IP address works fine for file sharing via VPN, but it has its shortcomings.

Larkin acknowledges that while Mangomind is a good alternative to accessing files in a central server over a VPN, it does have its limitations. Users can't access shared applications or tap into Solved: Can't access the share folder from VPN - Cisco If the folder is shared. Seems VPN connection works fine. What about device on Branch office is there any ACL or firewall turned on. If it doesn't work show config from branch router/firewall. Hope it will help. Best regards, Abzal. Best regards, Abzal View solution in original post. 0 …