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One account. All of Google. Sign in with your Google Account Enter your email. Find my account How to use Gmail's 'Multiple Inboxes' for extra Gmail Step 4: Go back into the settings menu of your primary Gmail account and open the Multiple Inboxes menu. In each of the panes simply type in "to:" followed by the e-mail address of one of the Gmail login: How many Gmail accounts can you have – How to Nov 05, 2019 Multiple gmail accounts in one inbox in browser - Gmail Unfortunately there is no way to read messages in a different Gmail account using IMAP so you are stuck with using the multiple tabs. Actually this is really the way the app on your phone works. The accounts are not combined in any way (except for the All Inboxes feature) and you just switch from one account …

Switching Between Accounts. Now that you did login with a different user in Gmail, let’s see how you can switch between the two. To switch to your other Gmail account inbox, click the circle-shaped Google account icon in the top-right corner of your screen and click on the other account (or you can use the “Add another account button again to open yet another account’s mailbox).

Using Gmail Lab feature – Multiple inboxes. Alternatively, you can use the Multiple inboxes – a Gmail Lab feature. This is pretty useful feature which lets you to organize your emails, forwarded from different accounts in different inboxes at the same Gmail account. Here is how to utilize the ‘Multiple inboxes’ feature. Now you’re ready Logout and Login to Roundcube. Once you’re logged in navigate to Settings -> Identities and once you add a new Identity you’ll see a new section to add the IMAP details. Fill the fields in, add the identity and you’ll see the new drop-down menu at the top. Screenshot. Updated code for ident_switch.min.js If you've ever tried to sign up for more than one account somewhere but needed a second email address, the Digital Inspiration blog has the brilliant solution: taking advantage of Gmail

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